Bharat Bill Payment System

For a long time the bill payment infrastructure in India remained biller-specific in terms of modes of payment accepted and channels supported and hence the ecosystem remained fragmented. Realizing the need for change, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) envisioned Bharat Bill Payment System, an integrated bill payment system for offering interoperable, accessible and cost-effective bill payment services for customers - anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to its service experience of more than 12 years in nurturing a system efficient in handling both retail and online payments, Oxigen became the 1st non-banking entity to earn the operating license for BBPS. As an operating unit (OU) of BBPS, Oxigen is using the NPCI platform to facilitate users to do electricity, telephone, water, gas, and direct-to-home television bill payments and give instant confirmation once the payment is made.

Using Oxigen to pay bills falling under BBPS periphery has many benefits.

Bharat Bill Payment System benefits

Easy accessibility & wider network

BBPS service centres or outlets will be availa -ble everywhere and at all times, including no or minimal banking regions. So, you can find one near your workplace or residence & connect wi th it for bill payments online or through agents.

100% Secure transactions

All bill payments through BBPS platform are 100% secure and reliable. Also, you get instant and verifiable payment confirmation receipt in the form of SMS/Email/Paper receipts.


BBPS is a one-stop shop for bill payments of all billers through a single portal. Also, it is much user-friendly platform as it manages all user complaints and disputes through a centralized system.

To avail bill payment services of BBPS using Oxigen, you can use Oxigen Wallet Mobile App or website or visit 2 lakh Oxigen retail touch points spread across the country.

Know more about BBPS

Owned and operated by NPCI, Bharat Bill Payment System was launched in 2016. BBPS is converging technology, mobility and payments to unite the entire payment ecosystem and facilitating and benefitting billers as well as users in India. It is one of its kind Govt. of India initiative that facilitates movement towards a less cash economy, greater convenience, reduced costs of service delivery, greater data availability for proper risk assessment and more.

BBPS accepts multiple channels and modes of payment

Since BBPS platform allows payments through multiple modes and channels, you can use either cash or electronic modes of payments, including Debit/Credit Cards, Internet Banking, NEFT, E-wallet, UPI, IMPS and Prepaid Cards. Numerous channels are also accepted for payments, such as internet, mobile, ATM, Bank branch, Agents, POS etc.