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Want your customers to stick to you like glue?

The New Rules of Building Customer Loyalty

If you give a discount to your most loyal customers, you might be doing something wrong. At least you're not doing all you can to reward your best customers, and keep them coming back. Experts say there are some rules to follow to make your customers feel like kings from the very first moment they encounter your product or service.

Do it right, and you'll not only score a lifelong customer, but also an advocate for your brand—and that's a lot more valuable. In order to bring you up to speed, i have compiled 5 of the most innovative and ingenious tips from articles over the past year. These are the new rules of building customer loyalty.

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  • Create Enlightening Experiences:

    Whether it's selling bikes or filling forms for enrollment of RO's, a successful business is about more than just selling stuff. Instead, we should be selling experiences. Lets take for example Chris Zane…

    More than a decade ago, he used that concept to launch a business filling orders for custom-fitted Trek bikes geared for customers. Zane's Cycles builds the bikes to specification, and all the recipients have to do is attach the front wheel, using the included instructions. The end goal: Creating experiences that will make customers feel good and rewarded about buying the product—and not irritated that they have to spend hours putting something together. He even installed a coffee lounge in his shop and gives away free drinks. "We're looking at the lifetime value of the customer," Zane says. "Why ostracize someone over one or two things that might cost us money when understanding the lifetime value gives us the ability to justify it?"

    So Oxigen's learning from this makes our Low Cost Packages to enable an RO exciting as one part of an experience, BUT, the other parts of the experience ( like TA updation, Handling RO issues effectively Communicating with them, Data Sanitization, RMU tree mapping, territories infringement, Timely payment of commissions and so many elements that form a part of this experience), STILL has room for tremendous improvements. We need to constantly plug in faults with major efforts, We have to align all our services to the RO's and RMU's in a time bound manner. Increase Automation, provide a REAL on-time experience, To let our RO's feel that they have been rewarded by becoming a part of our Company.

  • When You Do Wrong, Make it Right

    Resolving customer complaints is among the best ways to earn loyalty. Lengthy apologies give customers the chance to connect emotionally. Leonardo Inghilleri, co-author of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization, observes that money or discounts is not always the best remedy. That goes particularly for customers who are not buying your services on price, he said, such companies should consider a thoughtful present or a connected service. Which really means that we have to apologise timely and explain in the longest of detail as to what went wrong , how it went wrong & accept where we as a company went wrong. If Oxigen reimburses or refunds an RO, an amount after much debate, it means nothing to him other than monetary refund, the pain he has gone through to get the refund, chase our customer care or chase commercial has created a negative in his mind about what to expect from us. If we spend time and explain to him, and constantly be in touch with him through the refund process, he will connect with us emotionally and for LIFE. Which is the real positive here.

  • Reward Customers, even if it is with Points , Certificates.

    A handful of luxury brands have for decades used promises of status to encourage customers to spend more through loyalty to their brands. Today, brands of all stripes are experimenting with the psychology of status and power in rewarding customers and that doesn't just mean freebies or Money. Recognition reinforces customers with positive feelings generated by achievements, which are perceived through points, badges, discounts, or any award—tangible or not. Reward mechanics are, simply, ways of generating those positive feelings. And it can be good for you: Giving customers something positive encourages additional interaction with your brand, service, or product. For this very purpose even portals like LinkedIn added a progress bar that documents user-profile completion. So now Rajpal and Prashant have made the first step (hopefully will become a yearly activity) with Conducting RMU meets , highlighting, the RMU who achieves maximum deployment or has exceeded than the targets assigned during the course of a year.

  • Quantify Customers' Love

    Ask the opinions of your valued customers. It can be something small, say for example, simply by appending a short question in our emails to our RO's /RMU's by the sales team to ask them if they are happy r to provide testimonials of service is a great way to understand where we stand and what improvements we need. We are working on a system to gather this info by sending out SMS to the people who call into our call center (a system which is being worked upon by Rahul and BCube). Even Neha and Sudhandhu are working on a project to connect with every RMU and get their feedback about the company. This is all being done in a larger effort To help improve the Customer response rate. We must use the tag line and say YES !! We WANT TO IMPROVE our service experience for YOU. It should start with an overall rating like we have just done with our Employee satisfaction survey, and then follow it up with our next survey, by a drill-down into specific aspects of the product or service experience. For retailers too we will be launching our C-Sat survey (Customer satisfaction) we aim to start out with the two questions that really matter: Will you come back? and Will you refer your friends? Apoorva and Sharadindu are relentlessly defining the path ahead to get a rating that quantify the customers love.

    Also the effort that Soumen and Divay make on Face book to convert a response of a dislike rating into that of a like rating is a defense method to ward off attacks on social media against our brand image .

    The ability to assert, "On a scale of 1 to 5, 97 percent of customers gave us a 5" is powerful ammunition and we should all work towards this 5 star rating in our own spaces of work.

    An ideal testimonial which is worth sharing was sent to me by Mr Manoj Aggarwal, recently which I would like to Share with you all:

    From: Dharmesh Shah [mailto:swastik.vyara@gmail.com] 
    Sent: 14 November 2011 21:18
    To: cc; westtb updation; TB Helpline; Southtbupdation; Sumit Mittal; 
    Shubhendu Banerjee; Dinesh Aggarwal; P.Cell2; Provisioningcell; Pooja Khurana; 
    Vinod kanojia; paw support; roprocessing; 
    Cc: Nagesh P Yerramada; Nimesh Sheth; Prashant Verma
    Subject: Very Good Services
    Dear sir,
    I  am tied up with OXIGEN since last year,Since O2-PORTAL came services from WEST TB
    is very good and providing satisfaction to RMU.Updation is done time to time and 
    response to our calls and mail is very fastly.
    I hope we're continue with u wid grate satisfaction and good services by you.
    When i joint OXIGEN approx. turn-over of VYARA-TAPI region was 50000-100000, now
    total turn over cross figure of 25,00,000. This all things cant became good at this
    level without ur great services of WEST-TB & CUST-CARE. I m feeling very good to 
    working with you and OXIGEN CORPORATION.
    Dharmesh shah
    swastik services RMU21103 vyara,gujarat
    This is indeed a compliment.
  • Build a Giant Relationship

  • This approach is actually borrowed from how major Casinos in Las vegas work. They assign a concierge to important gamblers, that builds bonds that cannot be created without such a personal connection, "We give them the name, phone number, and e-mail address of a real person who is responsible to them," explains Stanley the Head of a Las Vegas Casino. "We deal with problems immediately. If a person says they had trouble with a ticket that didn't scan at the entrance and they missed an inning or two, I give them an invitation to another game."

    For this at Oxigen, we do have a RMU manual to help and assist people in the right direction, However , it is our Sales team who faces the real heat. The Sales team would be like our Concierge, for all our RO/RMU/CSP, they need to constantly connect and make these partners feel important. Also importantly, if a sales team member quits ..his superior must take over and intimate the RMUs/ROs that he has left or has been replaced by XYZ. This is an important transition support system that our market needs too.

    BUT…. We all know that they will be highly ineffective without the back house support…i.e rest of the departments…. The Sales team" if effectively" can compute and highlight on a monthly or bi monthly basis what they have faced , the real Pain points in-house to get an RO's issues sorted, we can probably work on decreasing the pain and escalating to provide a perfect solution, to create a perfect experience.

    We need to build this GIANT relationship, and once done OUR CUSTOMERS WILL STICK LIKE GLUE TO US.