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What is an Oxigen Wallet with Aadhaar KYC ?

1.  Oxigen Wallet is India's first Wallet to integrate with Aadhaar.

2.  No need to carry Aadhaar letter for transactions. Only Aadhaar number is required for transactions.

3.  Aadhaar holders will be able to SEND, RECEIVE AND WITHDRAW money instantly on their Aadhaar number or Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet easily.




Q.1   Is this a Limited Period Offer ?

Ans.   Yes, as this is an Aadhaar Project which is being rolled out at select Oxigen Retail points in phases for a limited period for Cash Out.

Q.2   What happens to Oxigen Wallet after the offer is over ?

Ans.   Your account will remain fully functional. Cash Out from Oxigen Wallet after the offer period will depend upon Regulatory Guidelines. However, your Oxigen Wallet will remain intact with all benefits other than Cash Out.

Q.3   Can I still transfer money to a bank account after this offer ?

Ans.   Yes, you can transfer money to any bank account INSTANTLY, even after this offer.


  • Register-Swipe your finger on the biometric reader and get an Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet instantly
  • Cash In-Deposit cash at any Oxigen Retailer to load your Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet
  • Cash Out-Withdraw cash that is transferred from an Aadhaar Linked Oxigen Wallet at select Oxigen Retailers
  • Biometric Security-Send money instantly to family and friends, to their Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet 24x7Withdraw Cash at your nearest Oxigen Retailer.
  • Easily withdraw cash from your Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet.
  • No Paperwork required for transferring.
  • Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet offers you limit of "50,000" without any other paperwork for KYC verification.
  • Secure transactions through finger biometrics.
  • All transactions of Aadhaar linked Oxigen Wallet are secured using your Aadhaar number and biometric finger scan.


Q.   What are the balance and transaction limits for Aadhaar linked to Oxigen Wallet ?

Ans.  The balance and money transfer limits will be THE SAME as Oxigen Wallet 50,000. However, the Cash Out limits will be as per Aadhaar enabled recipient:

Please note that in case the receiver with Aadhaar number does not withdraw cash within 15 days of the receipt, the money will be reversed to sending wallet

For any further queries related to Aadhaar-Oxigen Wallet, please write to AadhaarOW@myoxigen.com