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Indo-Nepal Remittance

Continuing its tradition of recognizing valued diasporas and working towards serving their needs, Oxigen is proud to present the new Indo-Nepal Remittance service, with our partners Global IME Bank Limited (GIBL) and Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL). Sending money to family and friends in Nepal has never been this easy!

The Process

Sending money from India:

  • The sender walks into the nearest Oxigen BC agent and hands over the amount, in cash, to be sent to Nepal.
  • They submit any one of the following KYC documents – Nepalese citizenship proof/Nepalese passport/Indian ID Proof
  • The sender shares their contact details, and the details of the beneficiary, including bank account, if it is an account transfer, with the Oxigen BC agent.
  • A unique identification number (UID) is sent to the sender’s mobile number via SMS.
  • Money is transferred successfully.

Receiving money in Nepal:

  • If the receiver has a bank account, then the amount will be directly credited to it, as per the account details shared by the sender with Oxigen BC Agent.
  • If the receiver does not have a bank account, then they can visit any IME agent and fill up a remittance form.
  • The UID received on their mobile number from the sender, and a copy of the receiver’s Government-issued ID, is shared with the agent.
  • The amount is paid out in cash after verification.

Benefits for Retailers

  • No additional infrastructure is required
  • No registration fees charged
  • Increase in customer footfall
  • Commission on each transaction

Earnings for Retailers

A retailer earns a commission on each transaction. 20% of the service charge levied on a transaction is credited to the retailer’s trading advance, after deduction of ST and TDS.

Benefits for the user

  • No need for a bank account:The sender can send cash directly from the nearest Oxigen BC Agent after verification of documents.
  • Fast transaction:The money is transferred electronically. Most transactions are completed within 48 working hours.
  • High transaction limit:A sender can send up to 50000/- INR in one go, and can avail the service twelve times in a year.
  • Approved by GoI: This is an authorized channel for transfer of money from India to Nepal. The process is transparent, with no hidden costs.
  • Minimal service charge: A service charge of only Rs. 200/- is levied on each transaction, regardless of the amount sent.