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FAQs : Oxigen MicroATM - Super Service Agent

Do I need to open a Bank Account with RBL Bank?

Not particularly with RBL however, you just need to have bank account with any bank.We recommend that you open Bank Account with RBL Bank, as many facilities will be made available in future with this Bank Account.

Why are you charging me an Application Fee?

Application fee is a licence fee towards delivery of this terminal along with software and certification with Rupay Card of NPCI and Aadhaar of UIDAI,so that three popular services can be used on same terminal. These are:
1. Recharge & Bill Payment
2. Cash-in/Cash-out/Money Transfer/e-KYC
3. Rupay Card transaction now. The terminal at all times will remain property of Oxigen

The terminal at all times will remain property of Oxigen

What is the time frame to get Micro ATM installed at my shop?

Once your documents are approved by RBL, the terminal will be shipped and installed at your premises. Depending upon Shipment time, this may take between 1-3 weeks.

What are the chances of my application getting rejected?

If there is/are any qualification criteria which you’re unable to meet and/or submit the required document for the same or you are found out to be involved in any fraudulent activity in the past, then the application may be rejected. In case this information is discovered later on, the terminal operation will be blocked

If my application gets rejected, how will I get my refund?

If your application gets rejected by RBL bank, you will be offered to join Oxigen as an Oxigen Retail Outlet through which you can carry out Oxigen Money Transfer Service (OMTS), virtual VISA, Digital KYC services and Recharges & Bill Payments business, only Cash withdrawal from a Bank Accounts by customer will not be allowed.

How will I get my Commission?

Your recharge margin or banking transaction commission will be credited in your trading advance immediately on completion of transaction.

If I do not get enough customers, will you refund my Rs. 11,800?

No. You can choose to discontinue the service, but there is no provision of refunding the initial cost of Rs 11,800. Please note that you are getting Micro ATM on “Right to Use” basis. This Micro ATM remains the property of Oxigen.

Can Oxigen discontinue my services? If yes, then what will happen to my fee?

In case you’re found to be involved in any fraudulent activities carried out being an Oxigen Super Service Agent, your services will be discontinued with immediate effect. No application fee will be refunded.

How will customer resolve the disputes, if any? What is my role?

The customer can call on our customer care number for any disputes. Your role is to assist the customer in reaching to our customer care.

Will you allocate me any Area?

Your current outlet will become Oxigen-RBL Bank Banking Point. Although no area will be allocated to you, it is expected that you would be servicing the customers in the vicinity of your current business address.

Will you appoint my next door retailer or retailer at nearby location as Super Service Agent?

Generally the intent is to make Super Service Agent's business viable. If there is larger demand in a particular area, Oxigen may appoint more than one Super Service Agent.

Will there be any change in the commission rates in future?

The commission rates can be revised as per services provider & Bank's policies. Every time there is a change in the rates, a circular will be share with you indicating the changes on your mail. To support our Super Service Agents, we will keep on adding more services to ensure your profitability.

How would you let me know if a new service is added on the Micro ATM?

You’ll receive a notification on your Micro-ATM for any new service that is introduced you can update it automatically by allowing update. There is no visit required so long as your SIM card is able to provide GPRS services.

What will be my earnings from this service?

The earnings for each service will be provided by our representative. The same can also be validated with each transaction

What kind of Customer/Retailer support is available?

We have dedicated Call Centre which helps in customer and trade related queries