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Oxigen Micro-ATM

Oxigen has taken a step forward in the field of financial inclusion by partnering with RBL bank and introducing its new Oxigen Micro ATM - Super PoS. The new device has the capability to do lot more such as ‘Cash Withdrawal’, ‘Cash Deposit’ and accept payments through debit/credit card.

Oxigen Micro ATM, a unique multi-feature POS terminal, opens up new revenue streams for all Oxigen MicroATM - Super Service Agents (OSSA).

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What are the Benefits of Micro ATM

As an Oxigen Super Service Agent or OSSA, you can offer several services to your customers. Some of the immediate services are:

  • Do eKYC for Oxigen Wallet and RBL Bank’s Prepaid VISA Card.
  • Open Oxigen Wallet for customers.
  • Withdraw cash @PoS using Rupay Cards.
  • Using our AePS service, do Aadhaar-enabled payments or cash withdrawals from any Aadhaar-linked bank account (Micro ATM facility).
  • Give Oxigen Money Transfer Services (OMTS).
  • Give a bouquet of other Oxigen services viz. Recharges, Bill Payments, Wallet loading etc. You can add money to Mobile Wallets such as Oxigen Wallet, Reliance Jio Money, Airtel Money and more.
  • Accept card payments (VISA/Master/Rupay Card).
  • Open bank accounts and do Aadhaar registration.

What documents are required to get Micro ATM

a) Below is the list of documents required from the retailers (Copies Self Attested).

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Photo ID Proof
  • PAN Card

(b) Qualifying criteria will be a scoring evaluation done on various parameters such as:

  • Completion of Documents,
  • Experience in the business, etc.

What are the benefits of Micro ATM for shopkeepers (Retailers)

Becoming an Oxigen Super Service Agent adds an additional revenue stream to your business. The benefits are listed, as below:

  • You can accept debit cards as a mode of payment for your primary business.
  • Offer complete banking experience to your customers. You can do banking services such as money transfer, balance enquiry and cash withdrawals using AEPS, Cash @ PoS and Bank Account opening for all banks.
  • You can do recharges and bill payment services for all the telecom operators and utility providers.
  • Increased footfall shall result in increase of your core business.
  • Additional revenue without extra setup.
  • Earnings on every transaction.
  • Low or no investment & high returns.

How can I earn money with Micro ATM

You will earn on every transaction that you do on behalf of your consumer.

What are the benefits of Micro ATM for customers

  • Easy accessibility
  • Anytime money deposit & withdrawal
  • No need to stand in long bank queues to avail banking services

Where can I buy Micro ATM

Oxigen will send a salesperson to collect and verify required documents. You also need to pay Rs. 11,800 at the time of document submission so that your application can be sent to RBL for further approval. Once your application is approved then Micro ATM will be installed at your premises. Please note, Rs.150 will be charged on monthly basis for software development charges.

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